Wild Diet: Days 19 – 21

By Friday (day 19), I was feeling great. I didn’t have too many plans for the upcoming weekend, so I had a chance at eating normally and not overdoing it. My diet followed a fairly normal routine that day, even despite going out with friends. I also avoided drinking because my throat had been hurting, a … [Read more…]

Wild Diet: Day 18

By day 18, my weight was back down a few pounds again, a reassuring sign that my actions were translating into results. I had another bone broth and butter coffee for breakfast, but this time I didn’t have as much stamina to get through the morning. By 11am, I was staring at the clock on my computer, … [Read more…]

Wild Diet: Day 16

I woke up in the morning on day 16 and immediately went for a run. Despite not having breakfast and my legs being sore from a workout the day before, I actually felt pretty good. I had originally expected to eat breakfast in the morning but I wasn’t starving by the time I got back … [Read more…]