Mini Venison Meatloaves

Meat Loaf_1016

With the cold weather continuing last week, I decided to make the ultimate comfort food: meatloaf. My mom always makes meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy and a side of steamed veggies. As a kid, I always enjoyed drowning the entire dish in gravy. Later on, I learned that ketchup and meatloaf are a wonderful combination … [Read more…]

Wild Diet: Days 24 – 25

I took the leap: I compared my ‘before’ picture with my day 24 ‘after’ picture to see if I’d made any visible progress on this journey. To my surprise, there was a difference. The scale only showed a 4 lb. weight loss, but my stomach was noticeably flatter, and my legs were smaller too. I … [Read more…]

Wild Diet: Day 23

Coconut Curry Chicken_1016

By day 23, my tightest pair of work pants were fitting noticeably better, which further proved that I’d been making real progress. I’d also become more open to experimenting with the recipes and format of the diet. The food wasn’t bad by any means, but I have an adventurous palate and can’t help myself from making tweaks to … [Read more…]

Wild Diet: Day 22

Day 22 kicked-off my fourth week of the Wild Diet. Overall, I was feeling fantastic. My mind was very clear and focused, and my energy levels were up. I was drinking coffee more out of routine than out of necessity. I had a steady, constant happy feeling that I hadn’t experienced in years. I also hadn’t gained any … [Read more…]