Wild Diet: Day 16

I woke up in the morning on day 16 and immediately went for a run. Despite not having breakfast and my legs being sore from a workout the day before, I actually felt pretty good. I had originally expected to eat breakfast in the morning but I wasn’t starving by the time I got back … [Read more…]

Wild Diet: Day 15

On day 15, I was right back where I started weight-wise. As frustrating as it was to see that number on the scale, I was determined not to let myself get discouraged, because I still believed the diet could actually work for me. Having already been active and fairly healthy before, I knew that my body really doesn’t like … [Read more…]

Wild Diet: Days 12 – 14

Roasted Chicken_1016

By day 12, I felt like I had gotten things back under control after the weekend in Seattle. The weight was coming off again and I was feeling good, but there was another speed bump on the horizon: a double date night with a couple friend of ours. These friends are renowned for being amazing … [Read more…]